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The establishment of enterprises
Founded in August 1999 and headquartered  in Science and Technology Park of Shenzhen,MOBI Antenna Technologies(Shenzhen)Co.Limited í░MOBIí▒ is a state-level high ĘCtech enterprise engaged in R&D,manufacturing and sales of mobile communication RF products.It has set up research,development and manufacture bases in Xi`an City, Shanxi Province and Ji`an City,jiangxi Province respectively.On 17th Dec 2009,MOBI (HK0947) was successfully listed on the HK stock Exchange Main Board.The registered capital is 22000 RMB.
scope of business
The core business in MOBI covers the base station antenna, Decoration antenna, RF passive and active products, feeder and feeder accessories, meanwhile coverage solutions  in the community and indoor. In the antenna field, MOBI has been developed including CDMA/GSM/DCS/TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE/WCDMA/CDMA2000/FDD-LTE/WLAN base station antenna and decoration antenna, smart antenna, GPS antenna, microwave antenna ,indoor antenna, and repeater antenna; in the aspect of RF passive and active products, including RF subsystem, duplexer, filter, tower amplifier, indoor and outdoor combiner ,low noise amplifier, main line amplifier, power amplifier, outdoor  broadband unit (ODU), splitters, couplers, drive, feeder, controller, lightning protector, clock server, radio remote unit, indoor baseband processing unit, smart mobile router, bandwidth aggregation router and other integrated products; in the aspect of feeder and feeder accessories, we have the capability of 50 ohm corrugated copper tube / outer aluminium tube feeder line, 50 ohm braided outer conductor feeder line, 75 ohm braided outer conductor feeder line, a variety of jumpers, feeder connector and adapter, feeder clamp series products researched ,developed and manufactured.
The scale of the enterprise
MOBI has set up rearch,development and manufacture bases in Xi`an City,Shanxi Province, Ji`an City, Science and Technology Park of Shenzhen and Guangming New Area of Shenzhen.Production base area is more than 11 square meters, MOBI has more than 20 antenna production line, ten production lines of RF products, eight feeder line production lines and more than 600 sets advanced automatic production equipment and laboratory testing equipments, including various types of vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, noise tester, passive intermodulation test system, high power test system, SATIMO 128 probe close-proximity system, semi-open far proximity system, fully enclosed direction map testing system; large environmental laboratory can be carried out in the rain, salt spray, aging, vibration, air tightness, high and low temperature and other natural environment simulation test.
Address:MOBI Building 1 LangShan Rd.,The Science and Technology Park Nanshan District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China   ICP No:05044232   Copyring @ MOBI